Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day one: Presentation & Confusion

The journey started on Google Earth, zoomed in on Paraisopolis, Sao Paolo, Brazil. The size of the city is enormous, and the tiny project we are adressing not visible from space. At the same time, for the young people involved in KolibriCARF on the ground in Sao Paolo, the project is a question of life and death. Arts, crafts, dance, music, media and sports are used as tools for the members of the community to stay off the streets and increase their chance to survive, to get an education and create a life for themselves. The first day of the course, we watched videos created by the media-team in Sao Paolo, as well as a documentary previously sent on Nrk. We spent some time discussing blogging as a tool for the project. Would it be a thinking-box or a project box? The conclusion was to go slowly. At first we close the blog only visible to invited guests. Later we'll discuss to open it.