Monday, December 3, 2012

Nota - final concept (Day 8)

Day 8 saw each group present their more concrete ideas. Our group had begun at 'awareness' and now added a theme, 'empowerment' to our strategy.

These resulted from the in-concise 'identity' and then through the process over the past couple of weeks, which revealed the possibility of a more horizontal organisation - giving the children more responsibility and a voice. Thus, empowerment.

In order to do this, our main proposal is to introduce a 'Kolibri Congresso' to the group. This is a mini, children-run kolibri within the current kolibri initiative. It should be a platform where the children can start and manage their own initiatives. It is a place for them to grow their self confidence, learn leadership skills and sharing.
In addition to entrepreneurship (small business ideas to bring in some earnings), they could also organise seminars, workshops (for e.g. English language courses/other), debates etc as well as address any issues, share ideas for the kolibri organisation as a whole and possibly become a democratic voice in the Sao Paulo/ Brazilian community...

Under this main theme, we are proposing a first initiative for them - a food entrepreneurship. This seemed logical and goes hand-in-hand with the nutrition courses they recently started (there is very little knowledge regarding healthy eating in the favelas), and the kitchen they are currently building at the KolibriEgg building in Sitio Joaninho. We will introduce some subsidiary ideas during our presentation on Wednesday.

We surround all of this with our initial theme, awareness, through our iconic hummingbird (kolibri) badges and symbol. All is to be branded simply and elegantly with this one logo.

~ Nota ~

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